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Translation Technologies

Neural Machine Translation

Reverso designed new translation solutions based on AI, called “neural machine translation” or “NMT”. This technology provides text which are easy to read even when your original text is complex to read. It can learn from your language resources (your texts in both languages and your glossaries). This innovative solution offers unprecedented opportunities for integration into business solutions.  

«Neural machine translation» works best when hosted on our servers, but can be installed on premises if you have powerful servers and the appropriate specialists.

«Neural machine translation» can be hosted on our secured servers and thus offers an easy deployment, a wide coverage of languages, and always the latest versions. It can also be installed on your servers if you have strong security constraints and have the appropriate technical and human resources.

Exemple 1.png

The new translation technology renders better results taking into account the whole sentence and not only consecutive groups of words as shown in the example above.

This excerpt was taken from a medical article. Reverso Corporate Translator can handle complex wordings, segmentation of sentences, and specific terminologies as in the example above.

Language customization

A unique expertise in language customization, applied to NMT:

Pinpointing and processing your linguistic resources is one of our key skills. Make the best of your linguistic resources. Your specific vocabulary such as your business, technical, and specific terms, (product names, brands, subsidiaries, etc.) can be integrated into our translation engines. You will then get an optimized translation adapted to the context of your business.

Customization process:

Schermata 2019-01-07 alle 14.25.13.png

Example of linguistic resources connected to Reverso Corporate Translator, before and after customization:

In the example below, the customization is applied to hospitality industry that uses a specific terminology.

Schermata 2019-01-07 alle 12.36.33.png

Before Customization:

Schermata 2019-01-07 alle 12.39.31.png

After Customization:

Schermata 2019-01-07 alle 12.39.41.png

Contact us to make the best use of your language resources and 

provide a customized solution to your employees.

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