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Reverso AI-powered apps

Revolutionary solutions for fast translation wherever you are

Reverso for Mac & Windows

Even faster communication with your clients and colleagues

No more copy-paste when translating or writing emails, documents, reports or internal messages.

With Reverso, translate and replace your texts in one click from any website or app.

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A unique AI solution already adopted by millions of professionals



Instantly translate entire texts by activating a simple keyboard shortcut.


100% integrated.

Translate directly from websites, presentations and messengers


Language learning

Save your favorite translations to review them at any time.

Test the app and see for yourself! It's free.

Available in 25+ languages

Reverso Context mobile app

The indispensable all-in-one tool for your team

Do you have an international team or foreign-based clients? Reverso Context is an all-in-one mobile app that integrates the latest linguistic innovations for fast and accurate translation with countless real-life examples.


✈️ Offline dictionaries available in 16+ languages including Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.


🎙 Speak into your microphone and get a precise translation of what you want to say for a smooth conversation in any language.


📷 Instantly translate a book page or a newspaper article with your phone camera.


🧠 Personalized quizzes and an AI vocal coach to help you improve your pronunciation and memorize new words.

Looking for a linguistic solution for enterprises?

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