Reverso Corporate Translator


Reverso Corporate Translation enables the instant translation of texts, web pages and files in order to make the multilingual communication easier within your company.

  1. Pronunciation tool: a clear and accurate pronunciation of the whole text or selected words is provided.

  2. Text alignment: when you hover over the translation, the appropriate sentence is highlighted on both sides. It helps you read the translation together with the original text.


  • Language detection to help you choose in case of doubt or warn you if a mistake was made.

  • Spell-checking tool: check grammar and spelling for selected languages.

Integrated Dictionary Tools

Reverso Synonyms allows you to pick alternative words or expressions, if you want to refine the translation with your own style.

Reverso Context  provides you with varied translations and examples in context for words and expressions so you can make sure the translation matches your use case.

File Translation

Translate Microsoft Office files, PDFs, scanned documents, Adobe files, HTML and much more. Main formatting and images are preserved as pictured above.

Reverso Corporate Translator in a nutshell

ADVANCED FEATURES with interactive tools to enhance your content in addition to spell check and pronunciation.

USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE for even clearer display and easier interaction.

CUTTING EDGE from handling of complex files, to integration the most recent translation technologies. 

Looking for a linguistic solution for enterprises?

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