Language barriers

A key issue within large corporations


As multinationals continue to expand, employees need to communicate effectively with teams, clients, partners and suppliers in various languages.

The major risks raised by linguistic differences within companies are:

  • Poor cross-border economic relations

  • Drop in productivity, revenue and market shares

Managing this diversity has become a high priority

New technologies are needed

"The good news is that tools that help manage linguistic differences are constantly improved. Companies should use these tools if they want to take advantage of the knowledge, diversity and opportunities that come of cross-border activity. "

Flavio Liviero, Scania (Italia)

Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited

Solutions used by companies today have limitations

Impose English


Proficiency in English is not always sufficient

Clients and HR

They need to use their local languages

Increased risks

Misunderstanding, fear of being judged, less accurate messages

Reduced exchanges

People communicate mostly with those in the same language group


Local Languages only

Limited Sharing

Sharing of experience and information is limited

Translation costs

Communication from HQ must be translated in all languages

Reverso offers your company efficient and customized translation solutions to help your staff to:

Understand immediately a document drafted in a foreign language

Be understood in a language not mastered

Harmonize the exchanges in a group or on a website

Reduce the apprehensions of the co-workers

Looking for a linguistic solution for entreprises ?

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